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NEXT WIPE: 08/06/22

New Settings! New Discord!



Taming speed: x70

Passive Taming: 0.5

Harvest: x10

Mature Speed: x60

Incubation: x16.5

Egg Lay Period: 0.14

Print: 1

Morning Speed: 15

Maturing Interval: 0.06

Tower area: 200

Tower Damage: 0.1

Cellar: x2 dmg

XP: X5

Saddle: 124



Dino wild lvl: 150

6 man tribe

Modified Weight & Resistance

NO ORP/pvp 7/7d

No alliances


(The Center 32 slots)

(Ragnarok 26 slots),

(Lost island 22 slots),

(Crystal 22 slots),

(Valguero 32 Slots),

(The Island 22 slots),

(Aberration 10 slots),

(Genesis 1 10 slots),

(Genesis 2 18 slots),

(Fjordur 18 slots)

(Extinguishing 10 slots),

(Scorched Earth 10 slots).

(Map Event: 40 slots)


-No admin Player

-No admin abuse

-Logs: Tribe/Kills/Joins/Admin/Chat

-Starter pack + 48h shield for the tribe



-Custom boss drops

- Custom loot beaver

-Custom air drops

- Admin active & listening to player suggestions.

-510 player on discord

-Very regular updates

-EN/FR server

-Stack mod/Easy Craft

-Elem transfer


-Dino Stats

-Berry Shop

-WE open only for :strawberry: & €




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