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TerraMC 1.3.2 [ENG][24/7]

[Friendly] [Survival] [PVP] [Mining] [Jobs] [Factions] [Money] [Shops] [Spleef] [MobArena] [PVP-Arena] [Creative City Plots]


We are a city and factions server! You can choose to live in the factions world or live in the city where you get access to creative to build awesome things!


Founder: jaggedspike
Co-Founders: KEDFRO, rohanthomas
Admins: Devin
Semi-Admins: JLensmeister

You can ask us for help any time, we're happy to help :D.

1. Respect all staff members, do not under any circumstance be rude to them.
2. Do not ask for OP, creative or free items.
3. Don't ask for promotions, you will automatically ascend your rank based on playing time.
4. Absolutely no swearing.
5. Greifing is NOT allowed, this is a Factions server. Only time you can damage peoples work is when you are raiding.
6. No hacking, no glitching or exploiting, this means no X-Ray, we will find out.
7. Keep the server tidy, do not build 1v1 towers, you will be banned if you do. Do not randomly place blocks.
8. No advertising, doing so will mean instant ban.

*Mob Arena is still under construction. Website is also under construction. Both will be available shortly.

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